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Clutch Brake - 14.125


The unit comprises of an electromagnetic clutch and brake, which can be used for continuous start stop function in any drive transmission arrangement of any machine or mechanism. The standard unit comes with an input and output shaft which can be coupled with any other input and output shaft or other items. Flange mounted option for either input or output or both is also available and hollow shaft instead of solid shaft in input or output or both is also available which facilitates an outside driving or driven shaft to be inserted inside the unit.


1 Torque in 7.5 to 1250 NM.  9 High Operating Frequency.
2 Simple To Fit.  10 Long Life.
3 Ready In Assembled Form  11 Single Plate Dry Type.   Slotted Armature For Torque Stability.
4 Strong Bearing Design. 12 Fast Switching Times.   Coil With Class "F" Insulation.
5 Totally Encased Unit. 13 High Operating Reliability.   Special Friction Disc
6 Air Gap Adjustable Without Dismantling.  14 Stationery Field (No. Slip Rings).   Low Inertia Of Rotating parts.
7 Good Heat Dissipation 15 Consistent Operating Characteristics.
8 Backlash Free Torque Transmission. 16 Simple Wear Compensation Adjustment.
1 Machine tools
2 Special purpose machines
3 Packaging machines
4 Conveyors
5 Welding machines


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